Real-time Location

The GPS Fleet Tracking system (Automatic Vehicle Location or AVL) allows users to effortlessly and in real-time locate their fleet, commercial vehicles, equipment and other assets. Our easy-to-use functions are designed to increase efficiency and help lower costs like fuel consumption and maintenance expenses.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) or Global Positioning System (GPS)


Who Uses These Applications?

  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • School Systems
  • Transportation
  • Public Transit
  • Shuttle Systems
  • Public Safety
  • Fleet Management


With GPS Our Fleet Tracking System you get:

  • easy-to-use web based interface
  • dispatch functions
  • monitor fleet locations, speed, stop time & more
  • know vehicle location and routes
  • see detailed color maps, satellite images and addresses
  • view online reports
  • set up alerts to be sent to you via text or e-mail
  • you get to call us, a local provider, for support

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